Dreaming Dying Awareness 2016 Download PR

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This is a downloadable product containing .mp3 files of previously recording teachings. After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to download the zipped file. Please note: The full file is approximately 445 MB of data, so please allow sufficient download time.

Purchase Requirement: Mingyur Rinpoche has asked that these teachings only be made available to Tergar students who have received instructions on the bardos. 

The teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism offer practical instructions for using every aspect of life as an opportunity for awakening. The experiences of death and dying are said to present a particularly potent gateway to the awakened mind. To prepare for the moment of death, meditators explore the experiences of deep sleep and dreaming by learning to recognize the purity of awareness in the midst of these states of mind. These practices have been preserved for centuries in Tibet in the teachings on the bardos, or intermediate states.

The teachings on this audio recording were originally offered at St. John's University in the summer of 2016, shortly after Mingyur Rinpoche returned from four and a half years on retreat. Basing his instructions on his own near-death experience while on retreat, he offered practical instructions on exploring dreams and deep sleep through the practice of meditation to prepare the mind for death.