Chariot Traveling the Noble Path Booklet (PR-24)

Type: Path of Liberation Resources
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Purchase requirement: Only those who have received the necessary empowerment for this specific practice may purchase this text. 

"The Chariot for Traveling the Noble Path is the traditional liturgy used for the preliminary (ngondro) practices in the Karma Kagyu tradition. This liturgy is also the basis for the Preliminary Practice Track of the Path of Liberation (the path of formal Buddhist practice in the Tergar community). Composed by the Ninth Karmapa, Wangchuk Dorje, this version is a seventy-six page insert for the Tergar Practice binder and includes the Tibetan text along with English translation and phonetics (for those who prefer to chant the text in Tibetan)."

It is available in two formats:

The insert is designed to be added to the Tergar Practice Binder, 3 hole punches and on card stock.

The spiral bound version is the same text but in a standalone format with a dark blue cover.