Six Paramitas: Quotes and Tips (VL-03)

Type: Vajrayana Online Support Materials
Price: $20.00


This set of 55 beautifully designed 5"x7" cards contains important quotes, practice tips, and practice reminders. It includes tips from some of the greatest masters of the lineage, including Milarepa, Yeshe Togyal, Gampopa, Machik Lapdron and other important teachers. It also includes study flash cards with important frameworks and concepts. These cards were created for students in Tergar’s online Six Paramitas course, but they can be used by anyone as a support for study and practice. The quotes and tips are printed on card stock and can be placed in a stand or frame and displayed at your home or work to inspire you and remind you to practice. The cards that contain key concepts and frameworks are meant to support your study. You can use them as flash cards to remember important ideas, or display them at home or at work as reminders.